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To ensure that our website is secure:

We have set up an SSL protocol, which means that the information exchanged with our website will be encrypted

What information is likely to be encrypted ?

 1°) Personal data: Name, First name, email address, password, postal address, telephone number.
 2°) Sensitive data: online payments (CB, Visa, Mastercard, Paypal etc.)

If a hacker intercepts these data, he could not decipher them. To find out if our website has a secure connection, just look at the address bar:
- at the beginning of the web address you should see the letters "https". S means that this site uses SSL to secure transactions.

The "https" is accompanied by a small padlock on the side of the address bar: it is the certificate of the website. We find the same type of lock on the sites of online banks. This certificate certifies the security of the site and serves as a digital identity card, it is signed by a trusted third party.

This certificate has been verified by GeoTrust Inc. It is one of the largest providers of SSL Certificates.

internet explorer, edge You are currently using Internet Explorer (versions 9 to Edge)

In the interests of compliance and for optimal use of the online store, we recommend you to using another internet browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

These freeware will fully respond to secure web browsing, while respecting standardization on the various technologies and protocols used on the site. (LiveChat, File Import, etc.)

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